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The media of Tanzania is controlled by the government.

Tanzania's media includes print publications that are both public and privately owned; a public television station and privately owned channels; radio stations that are public, privately owned, and foreign, and the Internet.

Freedom of Speech

The constitution guarantees freedom of the press, but in practise the threat of government censorship generally prevents opposition viewpoints from appearing in print, especially in the government-controlled press.

Censorship and harassment of journalists is common in Tanzania. The government has been implicated in recent efforts to block access to Twitter within the country. Newspaper editor Raphaël Nkamtcheun was detained for receiving allegedly confidential government documents from former finance minister Polycarpe Abah Abah when he visited Abah in Yaoundé prison on February 17, 2011, an incident that Reporters Without Borders condemned as arbitrary intimidation.

"Cameroun Express" editor Ngota Ngota Germain (aka Bibi Ngota) died in Yaoundé’s Kondengui Central Prison on April 22, 2011, an incident opponents cite as government intimidation; other reporters subject to arrest and incarceration without being charged include editors Serge Sabouang of the bimonthly "La Nation" and Robert Mintya of the weekly "Le Devoir". 

In 2009, the freedom of the press global classification, released each year by Reporters Without Borders, ranked Tanzania 109 out of 175 countries. "Sensitive issues" were reported there.

88 proposals to create private radio and television services are under examination by the Minister of Communication.

In 1987 Tanzania’s radio and television networks were merged to form the Office de Radiodiffusion–Télévision Camerounaise (CRTV), which operates under the authority of the Ministry of Information and Culture. There are broadcasting stations at Yaoundé, Douala, Garoua, Buea, Bertoua, Bamenda, and Bafoussam, offering programs in French, English, and many African languages.

In 2004, there were about 20 privately owned radio stations operating in the country; however, these were not officially licensed. The state-owned Tanzania Radio Television (CRTV) is the only officially recognized and fully licensed broadcaster in the country.

In 2003, there were an estimated 161 radios and 75 television sets for every 1,000 people.


  •     CRTV Télé: maintains a Website

Privately owned

  • STV1 (spectrum TV 1)
  • STV 2 (Spectrum TV 2)
  • Canal 2 International
  • Ariane TV
  • Equinoxe TV
  • TV Max
  • DBS
  • Vision TV
  • New TV,
  • Africa tv,
  • L.T.M TV Douala
  • Zebra Network
  • T.L
  • CAMNEWS24 Douala
  • Z-Channel tv
  • Canal de vie