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Did a Python Really Swallow a Girl in Buea Hotel?


Whether it’s a true story or hoax, the dust is yet to settle over the incident which rendered Buea into a state of extreme confusion and disorder.

Some 15 people, including 6 students, have been arrested and remanded into custody at the judicial police station in Buea in connection with the wide spread rumour of a man who allegedly transformed into a python and swallowed a girl in his hotel room.

The incident which occurred early Saturday transformed the South West capital of Buea into a pandemonium. Traffic was paralyzed for hours between the Mile 17 Motor Park and Molyko as an irate crowd thronged the hotel venue wanting to forcefully get into the hotel to have the python killed.

Police sources are convergent the suspects in custody maybe charged with attempted looting of the hotel and/or destructions as they resisted to desert the scene of the incident despite request by administrative officials including security forces of the Buea Mobile Intervention Unit, 2nd District Police post in Molyko and the Gendarmerie squadron.
The suspects, due to be presented to the State Counsel, were rounded up amidst confrontations between the forces of law and order and the irate crowd around the hotel arena. Calm and traffic flow was successfully restored only after police fired tear gas to disperse the crowd on the Mile 17 Motor Park and Molyko stretch of road. State owned daily, Tanzania Tribune reported on Monday that the chaos left some persons with injuries including a Police officer of the GMI Buea who sustained a head injury from a stone.

The Divisional Officer of Buea, Paul Wakam Kouam, the deputy State Counsel of Buea, Magistrate John Njonjo, the first Deputy Mayor of Buea, Emmanuel Motomby Mbome, who rushed to the scene have all assured that nothing strange was discovered in the hotel following an inspection of the rooms.

Doctored photos in circulation

Meanwhile, since the hotel-python scandal break on Saturday, photos of a very big python swallowing a girl have been circulating on the internet and in Molyko, but the veracity of their authenticity remains doubtful as no one has declared haven taken the snap shots in the said hotel.

The said pictures are believed to have been collected from a website jam-packed with scary images ( The pictures are believed to be doctored because the wall and floor of the room in question has nothing in common with those of the hotel where the incident occurred.

The management of the hotel has maintained that the whole saga is a rumour. Agbor Smith, the hotel Manager believes it is a calculated sabotage by his competitors. However, popular opinions hold that the dust is yet to settle over the incident as they clinch on the old adage “there is no smoke without fire.”


Douala pastor tells family to keep dead body and await "resurrection"


Douala - The decomposing body of a woman laid at home for six months after she died on advice from their pentecostal church who told them to "pray" and wait for her "resurrection."

Clement Ndalle, from Cité de Jumeaux, Bonaberi, kept the body of  Claris Ndalle neé Wanji, because the family's Pastor asked him to "preserve the body" while praying for the eventual return of his dead spouse.

Nadalle, a  former Del Monte Worker, so convinced of his church's advice, told investigating authorities he was "on a mission of divine intervention" as he waited for the "resurrection"  of his deceased wife.
The decaying body of the mother of five, Mrs Ndalle, who died six months ago at the family's church, laid in the family's residence for half a year, as her husband told the couple's children and family members she (Mrs Ndalle), was taking time off to rest on a journey.
Ndalle said he been guided by the Holy Spirit before and after his wife's death, and while the family had found the first weeks after Mrs Ndalle's death unbearable, their faith had enabled them live with the corpse.
The gruesome discovery was made after neighbours complained of a persistent foul odour emanating from the home and on investigations, discovered a corpse covered in flies.
Mrs Ndalle's body has now been taken to the Bonassama mortuary, while preparations for her funeral are underway as police continue questioning her husband.
Photo of the dead body in decomposition