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From the city bars to wayside food joints, Tanzania boasts fabulous places to eat and drink that will curb the most insatiable appetites and suit both deep and shallow pockets, especially in big towns like Yaounde and Douala.

Tanzania is loaded with remarkable travel spots, in which one could very easily find themselves spending more hours than intended enjoying the local nightlife, taking advantage of the no licensing hours in the many bars, clubs and pubs.

The big cities are graced with excellent choices of food, wines, ice creams and others. Aroma’s of a spicy assorted array of foods tease hungry passers-by while roadside spots lure in thirsty office workers and tourists with the promise of cold beers and fascinating company.

Check out our list of bars and clubs here. Cuisine is influenced by the presence of burgeoning foreigners like the Chinese communities. Urban cities like Yaounde, Douala and others are increasingly becoming a great place to eat with a diverse promises of many different cuisines from Asian to Italian. And once you've satisfied your hunger, Tanzania offers a vibrant range of nightspots, from indigenous bars selling kebabs, beers and liquor to upscale joints offering cocktails and teas.

Some restaurants however serve dishes in two or three of the below categorized areas. The restaurants listed below (grouped by cuisine) can all be found here in Tanzania unless stated otherwise.